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Debates Parlamentares (Parliamentary Debates) is a database that contains the journals of four historical periods: the Constitutional Monarchy (1821-1910), the First Republic (1910-1926), the New State (1935-1974) and the Third Republic (1974-).

The Library catalogue contains more than 105,000 bibliographical references in over 180,000 volumes. Every area of knowledge is represented but particular emphasis is placed on history, law, economics, statistics and texts from international organisations. There is also an “Antique Book Collection” of preserved works from the 15th to 18th centuries.

It is also possible to access a bulletin with the contents pages of journals, the European information bulletin and a display of the latest monographs acquired by the Assembly of the Republic.

Legislação Régia (Royal Legislation) is a database of legislation from 1603 to 1910 which also includes the 1512 Manueline Ordinances. It contains digitised text and enables searches to be made via a web platform. Users can search the indexes or perform free text searches in the original spelling, while the database fields entitled "Ato legislativo" ('legislative act') and "Entidade" ('entity') can be searched using today's spelling. It is possible to browse the indexes and pages of the original documents, view documents in a high definition format, print one or more pages or whole documents or download documents in PDF format.

The Parliamentary Historical Archives contain information that is structured according to international standards on archival description. The information relates to all the documents which the Parliament has produced or received in the course of its work from 1821, when the Cortes Gerais met for the first time, to the present day.

The Photographic Archives contain photographs, organised into collections and reports, relating to politics, culture and heritage.

As the producer of its own television broadcasts – the Parliament Channel – the Assembly of the Republic shows live and recorded broadcasts of plenary sittings, parliamentary committee meetings and some events, including conferences and seminars. These audiovisual records, which have been kept since 1997, form the collection of the Audiovisual Archives. The recordings of plenary sittings since the 10th legislature have been indexed and can be accessed by searching the database.

The Terras Portuguesas (Portuguese Lands) database contains all the legislative initiatives submitted to the Portuguese Parliament between the 6th and 12th legislatures that had the purpose of creating parishes and municipalities and raising the status of settlements to towns and that of towns to cities.

It further includes all the initiatives intended to change the name, territorial boundaries or site of parishes/municipalities and towns/cities.