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European Initiatives considered as priorities for scrutiny

Every year, since 2010, the Portuguese Parliament has selected a series of European initiatives from the European Commission Work Programme that are considered as priorities for scrutiny.

Priority Initiatives for 2016

1 — New Skills Agenda for Europe.

2 — New start for working parents.

3 — Circular economy package.

4 — Review of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020.

5 — Next steps for a sustainable European future.

6 — Implementation of the Digital Single Market Strategy.

7 — Energy union package.

8 — Labour mobility package.

9 — Follow-up to the single market strategy, including developments in the agricultural sector, particularly in the functioning of the milk market.

10 — European defence action plan.

11 — Action plan on VAT.

12 — Corporate tax package.

13 — A space strategy for Europe.

14 — Pillar of social rights.

15 — European bank deposit insurance scheme / Completion of the banking union.

16 — Follow-up to the trade and investment strategy.

17 — Implementation of European Agenda on Security.

18 — Better migration management.

19 — Border management package.

20 — Post-Cotonou framework.

21 — Capacity building in the security sector.

22 — Commission contribution to the Global Strategy.

23 — Proposal for an inter-institutional agreement on a mandatory transparency register.

Adopted on 8 April 2016

Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic no. 74/2016


Priority Initiatives for 2015

1 — The Investment Plan for Europe: Legislative Follow-up

2 — Promoting integration and employability in the labour market

3 — Mid-term review of the Europe 2020 strategy

4 — Digital Single Market (DSM) Package

5 — Strategic Framework for the Energy Union

6 — Communication on the Road to Paris – multilateral response to climate change

7 — Internal Market Strategy for goods and services

8 — Labour Mobility Package

9 — Capital Markets Union

10 — Framework for resolution of financial institutions other than banks

11 — Aviation Package

12 — Deepening Economic and Monetary Union Package

13 — Proposal for a Directive with a view to providing for compulsory exchange of information in respect of cross-border rulings

14 — Action Plan on efforts to combat tax evasion and tax fraud, including a Communication on a renewed approach for corporate taxation in the Single Market in the light of global developments

15 — Trade and Investment Strategy for Jobs and Growth

16 — Proposals to complete EU accession to the ECHR

17 — European Agenda on Security

18 — European Agenda on Migration

19 — Communication on European Neighbourhood Policy

20 — Communication on the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals

21 — Information and consultation of workers

22 — Proposal for an inter-institutional agreement on a mandatory Transparency Register

23 — Review of the GMO decision-making process

24 — Telecoms Package

25 — Fishing Authorisation Regulation

26 — Food Law

27 — Forest-based industries

28 — FRONTEX including Rapid Border Intervention Teams

29 — Fight against organised crime

30 — Legal migration

31 — Initiatives related to Ukraine

32 — Better Regulation

Adopted on 30 April 2015

Resolution of the Assembleia da República no. 52/2015



Priority Initiatives for 2014

1 — Review of EU political and legal framework for organic production

2 — Review of regime for agriculture in the outermost regions (POSEI)

3 — 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

4 — Framework for safe and secure unconventional hydrocarbon extraction

5 — State aid modernisation in key sectors

6 — State aid modernisation: General Block Exemption Regulation

7 — Follow-up towards the post-2015 development framework

8 — State of implementation of the internal energy market and action plan to implement the internal energy market at retail level

9 — Industrial policy package

10 — Action plan for the defence industry

11 — Resource efficiency and waste

12 — Tackling the gender pay gap

13 — EU Accession to the ECHR – internal rules

14 — EU Maritime Security Strategy

15 — Future priorities in the areas of justice and home affairs

16 — Follow-up to the Green Paper on long-term financing of the EU economy

17 — Review of the copyright acquis

18 — Framework for crisis management and resolution for financial institutions other than banks

19 — OLAF Reform

20 — Research and innovation as new sources of growth

21 — The rule of law in the European Union

22 — Towards a definitive VAT system

23 — Labour mobility package

24 — Communication on job creation in the 'green economy'

Adopted on 15 July 2014

Resolution of the Assembleia da República no. 74/2014


Priority Initiatives for 2013

1 — Annual growth survey

2 — Addressing systemic risks related to shadow banking

3 — Common framework for the production of indices and benchmarks, in particular their governance and calculation

4 — Review of the European System of Financial Supervision

5 — Providing long-term finance through actions to ensure the effectiveness of financial institutions, markets and instruments

6 — Common Strategic Framework Funds and EU economic governance

7 — Country-specific negotiation mandates for the Common Strategic Framework Funds for the period 2014-2020

8 — Reforming the framework for collective investment funds/UCITS VI (focus on long-term investments, product rules and depositaries)

9 — State aid modernisation: General Block Exemption Regulation (800/2008)

10 — State aid modernisation in key sectors

11 — Energy Technologies and Innovation in a future European Energy Policy

12 — Reforming the internal market for industrial products

13 — Review of standardisation acquis

14 — Initiative on E-invoicing in the field of public procurement

15 — A Comprehensive Strategy for the Defence Sector

16 — Proposals for reinforced partnering in research and innovation under Horizon 2020

17 — Making business easier through a standard VAT declaration

18 — Making the VAT system more efficient through a review of the rates structures

19 — Access for regulated professions

20 — Fighting misappropriation of trade secrets

21 — Bank account initiative

22 — Reducing the costs of broadband infrastructure deployment

23 — Follow-up to Green Paper: Towards an integrated European market for card, internet and mobile payments

24 — Single European Sky package - Single Sky II plus

25 — A Blue Belt for a single market for maritime transport

26 — Framework on the future EU ports' policy including a legislative proposal

27 — Internal Road Market - Access to the road haulage market and access to occupation of road transport operator

28 — Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion – including implementing the ESF 2014-2020

29 — Effective Institutions for Occupational Retirement Pensions

30 — Internationalisation of Higher Education

31 — Modernisation of Public Employment Services

32 — European platform to fight undeclared work

33 — Review of EU political and legal framework for organic production

34 — EU's strategy on adaptation to climate change

35 — New climate & energy framework for the period up to 2030

36 — Review of the Thematic Strategy on air pollution and associated legislation

37 — Review of Waste Policy and Legislation

38 — Environmental climate and energy assessment framework to enable safe and secure unconventional hydrocarbon extraction

39 — Initiative on firearms: reducing gun-crime in Europe

40 — Framework for administrative measures for the freezing of funds, financial assets and economic gains of persons and entities suspected of terrorist activities inside the EU (Article 75 TFEU)

41 — Special safeguards in criminal procedures for Suspected or Accused Persons who are Vulnerable

42 — Service in the Member States of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil or commercial matters

43 — EU Citizenship Report 2013: Progress towards eliminating obstacles to EU citizens' rights

44 — Establishment of a European Public Prosecutor's office (EPPO) to protect the financial interests of the Union

45 — Fighting money laundering

46 — Reviewing the Union's visa policy to facilitate life for legitimate travellers

47 — Animal medicines

48 — Preparing an EU position on the post-2015 development agenda

49 — Preparing an EU position on the follow-up to Rio + 20 including the development of Sustainable Development Goals

50 — Enlargement package 2013

51 — Negotiation directives for a comprehensive trade and investment agreement with the relevant partners

52 — Comprehensive Approach to Crisis Management outside the EU

53 — Reducing the costs of broadband infrastructure deployment

54 — New Regulation on Official Controls

55 — New Regulation on Plant Reproductive Materials

56 — New Regulation on Plant Health

57 — New Regulation on Animal Health

58 — Hygiene package legislation (revision)

59 — Revision of the Schengen Borders Code (562/2006)

60 — Reviewing the Union's visa policy to facilitate life for legitimate travellers

61 — Initiative (Commission Delegated Act) on the electronic processing of declarations of performance under the Construction Products Regulation (305/2011/EU)

62 — Review of all existing Commission regulations, implementing Council regulation (EC) No 1216/2009 (trade arrangements applicable to certain goods resulting from the processing of agricultural products)

63 — Reforming the internal market for industrial products

64 — Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council for the conservation of fishery resources through technical measures for the protection of marine organisms

65 — A Blue Belt for a single market for maritime transport

Adopted on 14 March 2013

Resolution of the Assembleia da República no. 79/2013


Priority Initiatives for 2012

1 — Annual Growth Survey 2013

2 — Employment package:

a) Towards a jobs-rich recovery
b) Specific Flexicurity package
c) Reforming the European Employment Services EURES and its legal basis

3 — Internal energy market

4 — Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive

5 — Next Generation of Border Checks:

a) Entry/Exit System (EES)
b) Registered Traveller Programme (RTP)
c) Amendment to the Schengen Borders Code

6 — Setting a framework for Maritime Spatial Planning

7 — Good governance in relation to tax havens

Adopted on 16 March 2012

Resolution of the Assembleia da República no. 42/2012


Priority Initiatives for 2011

1 — Strengthening economic governance and initiating the European Semester:

a) Annual Growth Survey
b) Strengthening economic governance-follow-up

2 — Proposal for a new Multiannual Financial Framework, including the proposals on the different policy areas

3 — White Paper on Pensions

4 — White Paper on the future of transport

5 — Revision of the Directive on Working Time (Directive 2003/88)

6 — Directive on energy efficiency and savings

Adopted on 4 March 2011

Resolution of the Assembleia da República no. 73/2011


Priority Initiatives for 2010

1 — Communication on the establishment of a system of enhanced policy coordination based on broader and deeper surveillance

2 — Communication on the platform against poverty

3 — White Paper on the future of transport

4 — Action Plan Implementing the Stockholm Programme

5 — Revision of the Working Time Directive

6 — Communication on the future of the Common Agriculture Policy

7 — Triennial revision of Financial Regulation and implementing rules

Adopted on 16 July 2010

Resolution of the Assembleia da República no. 98/2010