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Knowing how the Portuguese Parliament exercises its responsibilities as regards European affairs in its relationship with the Government and the institutions of the European Union has proved to be increasingly essential. The main purpose of this website is therefore to provide the necessary information about the role of the Portuguese Parliament in decisions taken at European level.

For the first time in the history of the construction of Europe, the Treaty of Lisbon includes a series of references to national Parliaments, providing that they shall contribute actively to the proper functioning of the European Union (Article 12 TEU).

On this webpage you will find information about the Treaty of Lisbon, in particular the way it strengthens the powers of national Parliaments in the European decision-making process by giving them the opportunity to pronounce on European initiatives and, specifically, about how the Assembleia da República has worked on these matters and the way it intends to exercise those powers.

Under the terms of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic - Articles 161(n), 163(f), 164(p) and 197(1)(i) - and of Law no. 43/2006, of 25 August 2006, as amended by Law no. 21/2012, of 17 May 2012, the Assembleia da República has competences with regard to monitoring, assessment and pronouncement on Portugal's participation in the construction of the European Union.

This Law sets out the way in which the Portuguese Parliament can monitor, assess and pronounce on proposals from the European institutions, and also provides for a regular process of consultation with the Government.

This scrutiny process involves the whole Parliament, from the parliamentary committees with responsibility for the matter in question to the European Affairs Committee and the Plenary itself, as you can see on these webpages.

This website also covers the way in which national Parliaments cooperate with and relate to one other and the relationships that they have developed with the European institutions. It also includes a brief summary of the work done by each European institution. Lastly, you can also find answers to some common questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

We hope that this initiative will fulfil its purpose of providing you with information on the Parliament s work in the construction of the European Union.

Happy browsing!

Last updated on 15 October 2015