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  Members of the A.R. and    Parliamentary Groups


[ Electoral Results ] [ Statute governing Remuneration and Other Members’ Rights ]

The Assembly of the Republic is currently made up of 230 Members elected by direct, universal suffrage of all Portuguese citizens who are registered to vote, be it in Portuguese territory or abroad. Members of the Assembly of the Republic represent the whole country, rather than just the constituencies for which they were elected. The Members’ term of office starts with the first sitting of the Assembly of the Republic following the elections and comes to an end with the first sitting following the subsequent elections, without prejudice to the suspension or termination of any individual mandate.

The Members elected for each party may form a parliamentary group. In the current legislature there are 6 parliamentary groups and a Member of the Assembly of the Republic who is a political party's sole representative, which correspond to the political parties with Members who were elected in the legislative elections on 4 October 2015: the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the Socialist Party (PS), the Left Bloc (BE), the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), the Social Democratic Centre – Popular Party (CDS-PP), the Ecologist Party –“The Greens” (PEV) and the Party for People, Animals and Nature (PAN).

On this page you can access the Members’ biographical details and their register of interests, as well as various parliamentary activities. You also have some other search criteria that will enable you to obtain information about Members from previous legislatures. You can also access the Members’ record of attendance at plenary sittings

It is also possible to see the parliamentary groups and the Members who belong to them; and the legislative election results and the composition of the Assembly for the current legislature.

The Statute of Members, which lays down rules on their mandates and terms of office and the conditions for exercising them, may also be consulted in this area of the site.

Finally, you can see the composition of the Bureau, which is the Assembly of the Republic organ made up of the President, four Vice-Presidents, four Secretaries and four Vice-Secretaries, who are elected by an absolute majority of all the Members in full exercise of their office and for the duration of the legislature.