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  Speeches and Debates


In this area you can find the speeches given by Members of the Assembly of the Republic from each parliamentary group and by the Government since the 6th Legislature (October 1991). There are speeches that formed part of the legislative procedure and the general work of the Parliament, including the discussion of legislative initiatives (draft amendments to the Constitution, Member’s and government bills, draft resolutions and referenda and draft decisions), petitions submitted by citizens, political statements and questions to the Government, as well as other speeches made during the debates in plenary sittings. The results of this search are linked to the information in the Parliamentary Debates database, which contains the full text of all speeches given in plenary sittings from the Constituent Assembly of 1821 to the present day.

The Parliamentary Debates database, with this huge digital archive, is structured as follows: 

The Constitutional Monarchy (1821-1910) covers the activities of the “General and Extraordinary Cortes of the Portuguese Nation” (1821-1822), the “Chamber of Deputies” (1822-1910), the “Chamber of Peers of the Realm” (1826-1838), the “General, Extraordinary and Constituent Cortes of the Portuguese Nation” (1837-1838), the “Chamber of Senators” (1838-1842) and the “Chamber of Peers of the Realm” (1842-1910). 

The First Republic (1910-1926) includes the parliamentary work of the “National Constituent Assembly” (1911), the “Chamber of Deputies” (1911-1926), the “Senate of the Republic” (1911-1926) and the “Congress of the Republic” (1911-1926). 

The New State or Estado Novo (1935-1974) has the texts of the Journals of the Sessions of the “National Assembly” (1935-1974) and the “Corporative Chamber” (1935-1974). 

The Third Republic (1975 to present day) - For this period the database is subdivided into three catalogues: 

Series I, which contains full texts of all the parliamentary speeches made during plenary sittings, both in the “Constituent Assembly” (1975-1976) and in the “Assembly of the Republic” (1976 to the present day).

Series II, which consists of five sub-series:

Series II-A, which includes all the Plenary’s decrees, resolutions and other decisions, the texts of draft amendments to the Constitution, Member’s and government bills, draft resolutions and referenda and draft decisions, opinions and other texts passed in committee.

Series II-B, which contains the texts of special votes, calls to answer questions, parliamentary inquiries, written questions to the Government and the requests referred to in Article 156(d) and (e) of the Constitution and the respective replies, and texts of and reports on petitions whose publication was required by law or which the competent parliamentary committee saw fit to publicise.

Series II-C, with the activity reports of the parliamentary committees, as well as those of the delegations of the Assembly of the Republic and the minutes of the parliamentary committees and parliamentary hearings, when their publication was ordered.

Series II-D, which includes speeches given by Members when representing the Assembly at international organisations, provided they are contained in full in the respective records, together with those by delegations of the Assembly, and the documents concerning the formation and composition of Parliamentary Friendship Groups.

Series II-E, which contains the orders issued by the President and Vice-Presidents of the Assembly of the Republic, the Assembly’s budget and accounts, and the Assembly and the Legal Audit Office’s activity reports, as well as the decisions, recommendations, opinions and reports of independent bodies attached to the Assembly of the Republic, such as the National Electoral Commission, the Commission on Access to Administrative Documents and the Media Regulatory Body, together with documents concerning the Assembly’s staff, and any other documents whose publication was required by the law or the Rules of Procedure or which the President of the Assembly of the Republic saw fit to have published.

The Parliamentary Debates database also offers access to Series I and II RC, which cover the texts of the debates in the Plenary (Series I RC) and the ad hoc committees on constitutional revision (Series II RC) in relation to the Revisions of the Constitution that have been made to date (1982, 1989, 1992, 1997, 2001, 2004, and 2005).